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Dairy UK represents the interests of dairy farmers, producer co-operatives, manufacturers of dairy products, and processors and distributors of liquid milk throughout the UK. This supply chain approach is unique within the global dairy industry.


Kirk Hunter




Dairy UK Scotland 110A Maxwell Avenue, Westerton, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 1HU


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Dairy UK is the 'Voice of the Dairy Industry'.

Between them Dairy UK's members collect and process about 85% of UK milk production.

As the sector's trade association, we represent the whole supply chain, bringing together farmer representatives, dairy co-operatives, dairy manufacturers, bottle milk buyers and milkmen.

We act to promote our members' interests in the political sphere. We are a highly effective lobbyist, ensuring that our members' views are heard where they have the greatest impact. At the same time, members get an unparalleled source of key information from the heart of government.

Through a network of regional and national staff, we also provide valuable training and advice to members across the country.

Dairy UK does not benefit from income from statutory levies. Two thirds of our income comes from member subscriptions. The remainder comes from investment income or commercial activities. We have two wholly-owned subsidiaries: the British Cheese Board promoting cheese and Dairy Energy Savings administering the sector's Climate Change Agreement.

Dairy UK will also fully fund The Dairy Council from April 2009. The Dairy Council provides science-based information on the role of dairy foods in a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

Dairy UK Scotland

Kirk Hunter (Director) represents Dairy UK's interests in Scotland and is responsible for handling all issues of relevance to Scottish members. He co-ordinates local meetings and events and is Dairy UK's representative to the Scottish Parliament.

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