Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society (SAOS)

We are Scotland's experts on co-operative and collaborative strategies, structures, and management. We provide a comprehensive range of development and consultancy services, supported by The Scottish Government.



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The purpose of SAOS is to strengthen the profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of Scotland's farming, food and drink, and related rural industries and communities through the development of co-operation and joint venture.

SAOS is a development organisation owned by its membership, which comprises businesses constituted in accordance with co-operative principles, or whose primary purpose is to benefit their owners or communities through
their use of services or amenities, rather than as reward for funds invested.

SAOS provides information, advice and specialist consultancy services to farmers and food chain companies, and to rural businesses and communities that decide to work co-operatively or in joint venture to achieve their aims and objectives. SAOS also provides consultancy services to, and in conjunction with, a range of other businesses, industry organisations and Government agencies in projects and initiatives where our interests are complementary.

SAOS is committed to co-operation as a strategy to enhance wealth, employment, sustainability and local empowerment, thereby strengthening Scotland's rural economy and community. The Principles of Co-operation established by the International Co-operative Alliance underpin our action.

SAOS is a 'co-operator', recognising and valuing mutual benefits and interdependencies in all our relationships.

SAOS pursues innovation as a source of advantage and motivation for rural businesses and communities.

SAOS is an educator, committed to improving understanding and extending knowledge of the contribution and potential of co-operation, and is committed to assisting directors of co-ops to develop their skills and effectiveness in discharging their responsibilities.

SAOS values people and is an Investor in People to enable all staff to attain their full potential and continuously improve their contribution to our work.

SAOS Rules do not permit the distribution of profits. All our resources are applied to delivering our purpose.

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