Our Vision Mission and Strategy

Scotland is blessed with a fantastic larder of some of the best natural produce in the world. With a longstanding reputation for producing quality products and an envied flair for innovation, our food and drink companies should be exploiting the very values that our country stands for - beautiful unspoilt landscapes, fertile land and clean air.

Our vision is to make Scotland internationally known as 'A Land of Food and Drink' and grow our industry to £16.5 billion by 2017. It's an ambitious goal but one that can be achieved if the industry works together, pools resources and knowledge and uses the Scotland Food & Drink brand to the best possible advantage.

By bringing everyone together to discuss our successes, our problems and our ideas, we can harness the collective resources of one of Scotland's most successful - and important - industry sectors. And we are working to bring together the whole supply chain with the public sector to celebrate the fantastic produce available on our doorstep.

Scotland Food & Drink is committed to supporting the industry and serving the needs of discerning consumers by supplying the best of Scotland's food and drink throughout Scotland, across the UK and around the world. Our vision is a future where our farmers and fishermen, processors and distillers, researchers, educators and public agencies can work in partnership by sharing best practice across the board.

Our mission is to position Scotland among the world's top 3 producers of premium food and drink products and generate £16.5 billion per annum for our industry by 2017.

It is Scotland Food & Drink's job to guide the industry so we can make the most of our natural resources, the skills of our people and the energy of businesses operating right across the supply chain. So to achieve a sustainable and profitable food and drink industry that is consumer-focused, market-led and internationally competitive - and benefiting our primary and secondary producers - we must work hard if we are to reach those strategic goals.

Exploiting premium markets both in the UK and internationally, making our supply chain more effective, encouraging collaboration through communication and striving to improve the high level of skills within the food and drink industry have never been more important.

The Industry Strategy was revised in October 2013, the strategy aims to grow the value of the industry to £16.5bn by 2017 through exploiting the growth markets of premium, health and provenance - view it here.

Launched in March 2014, the Export Strategy outlines the plan to reach the new export target of £7.1bn by 2016. It identifies fifteen key markets that offer the greatest opportunities, in-market experts will be in post over the next three years. 

To find out how you can become involved and share our exciting vision and mission for the future of the industry, contact Scotland Food & Drink on 0131 335 0940 or email us.


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