Supplier Development Opportunity - SALSA Certification



(Safe and Local Supplier Approval)


Scotland Food & Drink have selected ACOURA a leading specialist company to support Scottish businesses to achieve SALSA Certification. The SALSA scheme is an affordable food safety assurance certification scheme designed for small and micro businesses and is frequently required by buyers in most business sectors.

The programme will offer practical one to one on-site and remote technical support, working directly with your business to ensure that you will make a successful application for SALSA Certification.


Scotland Food & Drink’s UK Market Development and Export Strategy is helping Scottish food and drink businesses expand in Scotland, across the UK and into international markets.

The strategy set out in Ambition 2030 aims to enhance Scotland’s growing reputation for food safety, quality and provenance and expand market opportunities for smaller food and drink businesses in the UK and abroad.

Holding SALSA certification can open-up new opportunities to expand your business. Not having an independent 3rd party certification can be a fundamental barrier for businesses who seek to trade in markets where this is a pre-requisite.


SALSA is a robust and effective food safety certification scheme which is appropriate for smaller food producers and processors.

Retail and supermarkets, foodservice and Scotland’s public sector view local sourcing as a major objective. However, buyers frequently require assurance that the business operates to a recognised industry standard, this is a fundamental part of their due diligence and typically it requires affiliation to an independent third-party certification scheme such as SALSA.

SALSA approved suppliers can demonstrate that they operate to standards that are recognised and accepted across the industry and exceed the minimum standards expected by enforcement authorities.


This opportunity is appropriate for food and drink producers including fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy, baked goods and beverages.

This funded opportunity is time limited and shall not extend beyond 18 months from the anticipated start date of October 2018. During this time businesses will be supported towards making a confident audit ready application to SALSA.

The programme will deliver expert support and guidance a big part of the success will be dependent on the response from the business itself, a successful application leading to accreditation is not automatic.

The closing date for applications is by 19th October, 2018.


Scotland Food & Drink will fund ACOURA who will work closely with you up to the point you are able to make a confident audit ready application to SALSA.

This programme is funded 50/50 by the Scottish Government and Scotland Food & Drink; to participate a small contribution is required.

  • For Scotland Food & Drink member organisations the one-off cost is £250. 
  • Businesses that are not members of Scotland Food & Drink will be required to make a one-off contribution £450. 

For Scotland Food & Drink members your contribution is about 25% of the actual cost of the support that will be provided by ACOURA.

  • When your businesses is audit ready you will have to meet the cost of SALSA registration and audit. This is typically £595 depending on the scale and complexity of the business.

Once you are successfully certified by SALSA there could be some business costs for you to maintain the Certification. ACOURA will give advice on the likely implications of this for the business but on-going support and costs are not funded.


The first stage will be for ACOURA to carry out an initial GAP audit. This will identify current business strengths and weaknesses matched against SALASA requirements and if suitability to work toward Certification is confirmed ACOURA will ask you formally to commit to the programme. Only then will you be asked for your contribution.

The key features you can expect are:

  • Up to 4 days one to one onsite business mentoring and technical support for your business up to the point of you making a confident audit ready application for SALSA accreditation;
  • On-going remote support via email and telephone;
  • A GAP analysis and an action plan, agreed with you, to achieve SALSA Certification within 18 months;
  • A timeline and methodology for the plan highlighting what is needed to the get the company to the point of making a successful application to SALSA;
  • Advice on the future time, resources and cost of maintaining SALSA;
  • Online resources for companies to use at any time.


It is anticipated that there will be significant demand for participation in this SALSA opportunity. The purpose of the following questionnaire is to help select which businesses are best placed to benefit.

The information disclosed in the form will be used for the selection of businesses. There is no restriction, all micro and SMEs can apply however Scotland Food & Drink members will pay a reduced rate.

To be considered for participation we would ask you to give details that relate to the part of the business you feel need to achieve SALSA accreditation, rather than the whole of the group if the organisation forms part of a group.

Please complete the following questionnaire, and upload any supporting documents, by 19th October, 2018.

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