Supplier Development with Major Customer

Intensive programmes, developed in partnership with a named retailer or foodservice client. The programmes are designed to assist businesses develop commercial and supply chain skills, develop deeper trading relationships and create new opportunities to grow their sales with the customer.

Typically, programmes are delivered over several months and include a series of detailed seminars, skills workshops, one-to-one mentoring and meetings with key personnel from the buyer organisation.

Asda Supplier Development Academy

Developed in partnership with ASDA, to help new and established Scottish suppliers build their knowledge and understanding of the retailer, and improve their supply chain, commercial and technical capabilities, with the aim of growing sales.

"The Academy helped us gain a much better understanding of how Asda operates and what is expected of us as a supplier in all areas of the supply chain.  It takes great effort to get products onto the shelf of a retailer and into the hands of the consumer, and the Asda Academy has certainly helped us succeed with this."

Porelli Ice Cream

“The Supplier Development Academy presented an opportunity to take partnerships with suppliers to the next level. We’re delighted Scottish suppliers have benefitted from the Academy and the final results have surpassed all expectations.  The Academy is an excellent opportunity for new and experienced suppliers to strengthen their relationships and understanding of retail, refine skills in commercial sales and marketing and focus on what customers want”.

ASDA Head of Regional Sourcing, Scotland

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