Asda Supplier Development Academy 2013

Asda Supplier Development Academy Delivers £12m Boost To Scottish Suppliers

The Asda Supplier Development Academy is a supplier development initiative run in partnership with industry leadership organisation Scotland Food & Drink with support from the Scottish Government. Established with the aim of stimulating millions of pounds of new sales for Scottish food and drink businesses supplying the retailer, results have exceeded all targets with an impressive £12.1m year on year increase, representing a sales uplift of 41.3% across participating suppliers.

The Academy was designed to provide the retailer’s Scottish suppliers an opportunity to work more closely with them; gain invaluable insight into the Asda business and improve their commercial and technical capabilities with the aim of growing their trade with the supermarket. The Academy was delivered by market experts, Asda colleagues and best-in-class suppliers, and covered diverse topics such as Asda supply chain, account management, marketing, category management and new product development.

Launched in January 2013, the programme has supported 35 suppliers and upskilled almost 100 employees in key trading disciplines through a series of consultations, workshops and business mentoring.  The Academy enabled participating suppliers to secure new store distribution, introduce new product lines and deliver more impactful marketing campaigns, resulting in a combined increase of £12.1m in new sales.

Some of thesuccessesof the Academyare demonstrated in the results enjoyed by three of the programme’s participants Stockan’s of Orkney, Paterson Arran and Scotty Brand.

Stockan's of Orkney have secured listings in all Scottish stores as well as more than 200 stores in England. The company’s new account manager utilised the Academy to build stronger relationships with the Asda team including gaining exposure to new colleagues across the supply chain and developing a greater insight into managing the Asda account. Sales have increased by 12% year on year and consequently, a new role has been created. The next stage of Stockan’s work with Asda is focused on driving further sales in Scotland and south of the border.

Paterson Arran engaged with the full Academy programme and achieved£1m of new sales by driving focused seasonal activity in Scotland and gaining distribution nationally with Asda. Four new roles have since been created to support their sales and marketing efforts and better use of sales data. An integrated marketing approach will support the brand nationally, including the launch of several new product lines.

Scotty Brand has upskilled employees across the business through participation in the Asda Academy.  Sales in 2013 saw an increase of 100% following national ranging on key lines and the launch of new products. Plans are in place to introduce some exciting products in new categories throughout 2014, underpinned with greater use of market intelligence.

Stephanie Pritchard, Access to Markets Project Manager for Scotland Food & Drink commented, “The Asda Supplier Development Academy has been a fantastic success, exceeding all expectations. This innovative initiative is the first of its kind in Scotland and has delivered exceptional results by supporting Scottish suppliers develop deeper trading relationships with Asda and the critical skills necessary to succeed with a major retailer, through the development of skills and collaborative working.

“Scotland Food & Drink work closely with retail and foodservice business to cultivate opportunities for the food and drink industry and supplier development is a key part of this work. We are delighted with the results generated by the Asda Supplier Development Academy. The retailer’s dedicated Scottish trading and marketing team have worked with Scottish suppliers for many years to bring locally sourced products to their shoppers and are looking to grow the local range in Scotland. The Asda Supplier Development Academy has been a great success in broadening relationships with suppliers in Scotland and we look forward to working together to continue the momentum created by the programme.”

Michael McCallion, Asda’s Head of Local Sourcing for Scotland regards the Supplier Development Academy as the chance to take its already successful partnership with food suppliers to the next level, “We’re really proud that Scottish suppliers have benefitted from the Academy, and the final results have surpassed expectations. The Academy presents an excellent opportunity for new and experienced suppliers to strengthen their understanding of retail, refine commercial and marketing skills, build their relationship with our buying team, and focus throughout on what customers want.” 

“Supporting and nurturing the businesses of local producers will ultimately contribute to an improved local economy, so we are delighted to continue working in partnership with Scotland Food & Drink."


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