Collectively, the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership are making a renewed commitment to work as one and grow the value and reputation of Scottish farming, fishing, food and drink.

Ambition 2030 (available to download below) represents an industry-led, ambitious strategy and will depend upon the commitment of the Partnership between industry, government and its agencies to succeed.

Our industry has achieved great things over the ten years since we formed our Partnership. However, the success in this sector of which we are so proud is still a work in progress. Indeed, in a rapidly changing world, we will need to be more ambitious, innovative and collaborative than ever before.

Whether you are on a tractor or fishing boat, on the factory floor or around the boardroom table, we invite you to join us on this new journey. Collectively, we can make Scotland home to the world’s most exciting food and drink industry.

A £30 billion opportunity is there for the taking. Ambition 2030 out how we will grasp it.


  • Ambition 2030 Adobe Acrobat / 11,753 KB

    Ambition 2030 is the new industry strategy, launched in March 2017, which maps our plan to 2030.

  • Export Strategy Adobe Acrobat / 3,639 KB

    An export plan for Scotland's food and drink industry, launched March 2014.


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