Many of Scotland Food & Drink's members have used their membership to access a wide range of benefits and services.

“Caroline Wengel has been extremely helpful to Pawsitively Natural. She has facilitated meetings for me and has gone out of her to way to assist me and my business. I would like to acknowledge how much I appreciate her help, and that of the wider Scotland Food & Drink organisation in supporting small businesses like my own. It may not seem like a lot, however knowing that even though you're on your own, there's someone else out there whom you can talk to and trust, that really is a big deal!”

Chris Louttit, Pawsitively Natural Ltd®, member since 2012.

“Our Business Development Manager explains all the member benefits Scotland Food & Drink provides and discusses potential collaboration between Scotland Food & Drink and Macsween. Although I am aware there are a lot of benefits I have not yet utilised, the Business Development Manager translates the maximum value you can get from membership. The Weekly Member Newsletter also provides vital information and is a great reminder of things coming up, as well as current news.”

James Macsween, Macsween of Edinburgh, member since 2009. Read the full case study here.

“The main benefit Malcolm Allan has gained by being a member of Scotland Food & Drink is access to the information which the organisation has. Any business is time poor and being part of an organisation that makes finding information easier to access is excellent. The Weekly Members Newsletter plays a large part in allowing easy access to information. Gordon says the newsletter is ‘punchy and easy to read’ and he always ensures the newsletter never gets deleted before it has been read.”

Gordon Allan, Malcolm Allan, member since 2009. Read the full case study here.

“The main benefit of Scotland Food & Drink membership is the invaluable support provided in terms of contacts and knowing how and who to approach. Knowing there is support and someone who you can contact for advice is comforting.”

Susan McCann, SIMPLYaddCHILLI, member since 2011. Read the full case study here.

“Jean-Louis really understands his role and he will make great contributions to many small businesses, it is nice (and rare) to see someone with passion in such a position. I appreciate all of the guidance, advice and intelligence he has given me.”

John Cooper, The Smokehouse, member since 2013.

“Through Scotland Food & Drink’s series of seminars and other networking events we have had the opportunity to hear from industry experts and learn through the experiences of others. This has proved most valuable. Furthermore, having access to the team for one to one discussions and advice on where to find correct information is available and has proved very beneficial to our business.”

“Scotland Food & Drink is a vitally important organisation and is doing sterling work to promote all that is great about the food and drink industry, not just in Scotland but worldwide. Scotland has an enviable reputation globally within our sector which we should quite rightly shout about. An industry voice that can be heard at the highest level is very important, having far reaching consequences for a positive future. Business is all about people no matter what area you are involved in and Scotland Food & Drink are people who are there to facilitate for our industry here in Scotland.”

Keith Whyte, Mitchells Dairy, member since 2008. Read the full case study here

“As an organisation, and a lean team, Scotland Food & Drink are absolutely focused on growing the whole industry, on building its reputation worldwide, improving skills, encouraging innovation and deepening knowledge. It has always been Scotland Food & Drink’s ambition to work as an umbrella organisation but what they really do is use their passion, energy, pragmatism, pace and vision to connect the industry and, through these collaborative efforts, deliver more than the sum of the parts.”

“Fundamentally, and most importantly, core to all of this is a genuine passion from all the team to spread the word about all that is great about Scotland’s natural larder and the incredible talent that lies within it. This is the legacy and where Scotland Food & Drink’s efforts are adding to an already vibrant industry to drive real momentum.”

Elsa Jack, EJ&C Ltd, member since 2011. Read the full case study here.


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