Mara Seaweed's Furikake wins Healthy Choice Award at Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards

Edinburgh-based Mara Seaweed were delighted to receive another accolade at the Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards last night (Thursday May 18), where Mara’s Furikake was awarded top spot in the Healthy Choice Category.


Fri, 19 May 2017


Mara Seaweed

Mara's special blend of hand harvested dulse, chilli flakes and sesame seeds was deemed by the judges to be a perfect balance of taste and nutritional benefits, in an easy-touse format.

Furikake [fury-khaki] is a popular shake-on rice seasoning in Japan, and Mara’s Furikake is an East-West fusion: combining salty, smoky dulse, a red seaweed sustainably harvested by Mara in Scotland and Ireland, with Asian flavours of spicy chilli flakes and savoury black and white sesame seeds. Mara Furikake is exclusively available at buy at Morrisons supermarkets nationwide.

Mara Sea-EO Fiona Houston and General Manager Niall Wright were there to receive the award at the prestigious event which took place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre: 

"Mara is bringing an ancient superfood to the customer in a format that’s easy-to-use and understand – a shake-on seasoning. We believe that our seaweed is relevant to consumers who want to buy products with both great taste and fantastic nutritional benefits. As well as enhancing the flavour of food, Mara Seaweed offers a way of reducing salt while adding a superboost of healthy essential minerals, fibre and protein."


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