Free food waste support and funding to help cut costs and improve profitability

Free food waste support and funding to help cut costs and improve profitability

Following Resource Efficient Scotland’s successful launch of its food & drink waste reduction programme identifying millions of pounds of savings for Scottish businesses, we’re now seeking more companies to sign up for our free and impartial support.


Tue, 10 Apr 2018


Zero Waste Scotland

If you’re a small to medium sized bakery, brewery, distiller, confectioner, biscuit manufacturer, restaurant, pub – in fact anyone operating in the food and drink industry - we’d love to work with you.  

Resource Efficient Scotland is a programme of Zero Waste Scotland funded by the Scottish Government and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). We offer free support for food and drink businesses including: 

•a detailed food waste opportunities assessment

•expert implementation support to help make the recommendations a reality 

•support accessing Zero Waste Scotland funding 

Over 140 food and drink waste prevention projects have been conducted to date. Through this work we’ve identified potential cost savings and revenue generation opportunities of over £5.7 million. Capital grant funding of over £1.1million has also been awarded to businesses to help invest in resource efficiency opportunities. 

“Receiving on-site support from Resource Efficient Scotland has been incredibly beneficial. As a successful SME, we already have a good grasp of our on-site operations but we are always trying to be more efficient and lessen our waste outputs. The potential for positive business impact, cost savings and waste reductions associated with the auditing process is very positive. I would recommend that any company makes time for this free support.” Lewis Hill, Swannay Brewery. 

Join the businesses who are already preventing food waste and saving money. For more information and to submit a request for support, visit or simply email us at


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