Increased mackerel quotas established for north east fishermen

Inshore fishermen in the north east of Scotland will have access to catch 1,000 tonnes of mackerel per year, following a successful pilot scheme.


Tue, 10 Apr 2018


Scottish Government

The expanded quota will apply to handline fisheries in the North Sea and is worth around £1.3 million for the north east economy.

The extra allocation will be for fishing vessels of 10 metres in length and under, with any surplus quota returning to the wider Scottish sector.

The decision follows a successful four year pilot and consultation with the industry.

Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing said:

“Scotland’s inshore fisheries are a valuable resource, providing a source of delicious, locally caught seafood and supporting coastal and rural economies.

“This announcement will establish permanent rights for smaller fishing operations to catch up to 1,000 tonnes of mackerel in the North Sea each year, which is a substantial increase.

“The Scottish Government is continuing to engage with the industry and Marine Scotland to protect our natural marine environment, whilst ensuring a fair and sustainable seafood industry in the future.”



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