Meatsnacks Group launches jerky and biltong in snacking pots under new brand KRAVE

Meatsnacks Group launches jerky and biltong in snacking pots under new brand KRAVE

This new branding challenges the perceptions of jerky and biltong, bringing this exciting category to a new consumer, in a new format for front of store and at till points.


Fri, 27 Jul 2018


Meatsnacks Group

These pots have been created to attract a new consumer that fits within guidelines for front of store and are under 100 calories per pack.

Consumer are looking for a more social foodie snack that delivers more in terms of flavour experience. They’re looking for healthier, tastier options, especially when it comes to protein. KRAVE by Meatsnacks Group is a new contemporary brand targeting the fitness, health and nutritional conscious consumer.

The dynamic, fresh design highlights key on-pack messages: Calories per pack, Grass fed beef, %age protein, Handcrafted as well as key ingredients.
KRAVE snack pots are launching in two flavours:

  • KRAVE Szechuan Pepper and Ginger Salt Beef Jerky
  • KRAVE Warm Chimichurri Beef Biltong

KRAVE Warm Chimichurri Biltong contains only 78 calories per 28g pot and has 54% protein. The biltong is made from grass fed beef silverside steak. KRAVE Szechuan Pepper & Ginger Salt Jerky contains only 90 calories per 28g pot and has 36% protein. 

James Newitt, Managing Director, Meatsnacks Group comments ‘Consumer and market research output concluded there was space for a new category brand to increase category penetration and bring jerky and biltong to new positions in store. Working with branding agency, Pearlfisher, we are confident that we have created a brand and format that will significantly increase the appeal of jerky and biltong to a wider audience’.

Jerky and biltong are benefiting low calorie and free from trends with pack sales up 19% IRI data (MAT 20/05/18)*. Consumers are continuing to enjoy the benefits of high protein, gluten free snacks that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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