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Market Intelligence is the bedrock for any food or drink company with ambitions to grow their business. Within this section you will find a wealth of free, downloadable reports and publications covering shopper, retail and foodservice markets and a series of guides to help you develop and grow your business.

Scotland Food & Drink offer an independent insight and research service that can advise on and deliver a range of services across data, quantitative and qualitative projects.

In the last year, companies working with SF&D Market Intelligence team achieved 40 New SKU listings and saved 25 SKU listings saved from range rationalization. The incremental value to companies that used UKMI projects is estimated at £2.2m. We can help build your sales and offer a range of services:

Data analysis – we work with the leading EPOS and panel data providers in the UK and provide independent advice on most relevant, cost-effective and most compelling data that can help you understand your category better. We can help from the briefing stage through to analysis and presentation, working with our partners we can get the best prices for raw data and offer discounted analysis fees for members of Scotland Food & Drink.

Category analysis – we can develop category and buyer presentations that create compelling arguments for retaining and gaining listings in retailers. This encompasses a full service approach including store audits, gap analysis and presentation development.

NPD and market feasibility – we design and deliver market research projects that work hand in hand with technical NPD to ensure your new product is a success and provide independent validation when selling it into retailers. This includes focus groups, surveys, product trials and tastings through the UK using screened respondents to ensure your target demographic only is asked.

Consumer and shopper research – we can help you understand your shopper and consumer. We can identify who they are, where they shop, how they shop and how they consume your product. These insights can help with developing NPD, merchandising and marketing.

Members of Scotland Food & Drink receive a discount on UK Market Intelligence services. Testimonials include:

 “Using the data which Rick had presented us with, we had a grown up conversation with a specific retailer during their category reset. The conversation was very successful and we have grown our business with that retailer significantly since the review.” Martin Grant, Mackays

“Having had no experience with data previously, we wouldn’t have had a clue where to start when it came to purchasing and analysing the data. The service provided by Rick simplified the process greatly and enabled us to get the insight we needed within a tight time frame.” Rebecca Russell, Mackies at Taypack

For more information or for a free consultation please contact Rick Allison, UK Market Analyst or call 0131 335 0944.

"How Do I..." Guides

"How Do I..." Guides

Our How Do I guides are an invaluable source of business advice to help you develop and grow your business, accessing new market opportunities, exporting advice and legislative guidance.



Scotland Food & Drink Market Intelligence has produced a range of publications which can be accessed below.


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