Leading the industry

Since 2007, food exports have doubled and sales of Scottish brands in the UK have risen by nearly 40%. Through a focus on quality and provenance, Scotland's reputation as a Land of Food and Drink has been transformed.

And we have been at the forefront of this transformation. Leading the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership and driving the growth of food and drink to become Scotland’s best performing industry.

But we can do more. And as an industry, we're not short of ambitions.

We're working hard to continue to grow our reputation as a Land of Food and Drink further both at home and overseas to help us become a £30 billion industry by 2030 and put Scotland firmly on the global culinary map.

Ambition 2030

"It's 2030. Farming, fishing, food and drink is Scotland's most valuable industry, recognised at home and abroad as a model of collaboration and a world leader in responsible, profitable growth."

This is the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership's shared vision for 2030.

In March 2017, the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership launched a new industry-led strategy, Ambition 2030, which outlines the Partnership's vision, mission and strategy.

Exploiting premium markets both in the UK and internationally, making our supply chain more effective, encouraging collaboration through communication and striving to improve the high level of skills within the food and drink industry has never been more important.

In pursuit of accelerated growth, Ambition 2030 aims to double the value of the industry to £30 billion by 2030. We will do this by:

Developing our markets

How we develop our three main markets: here in Scotland, the rest of the UK and abroad.

Building on three pillars

Three key pillars on which we build our future: people and skills, supply chain and innovation.

Focusing on how we do business

Three ways of doing business that will help us – and our people, communities and customers – to prosper: being collaborative, being responsible and being streamlined.

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