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Can Scotland’s native oyster be saved by Scotch whisky?

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Publication date: 06/06/2019
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Scotland has a long history of native oyster cultivation, but overfishing has affected production. Now Glenmorangie has stepped in to revive a reef in Dornoch Firth Bay, to provide a habitat for the ‘Ostrea edulis’ to thrive.

The Pacific oyster is dominating the shellfish category in Scotland. There are around 30 pacific oyster businesses within Scotland, with 61% of Scotland’s farmed oysters coming from Strathclyde.

Native oysters target a strong niche market, but only one business, based in Loch Ryan, currently produces the native oyster species on a commercial scale in Scotland.

One way to re-establish oyster cultivation in Scotland is to rescue the reef and increase biodiversity.

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