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Ghost Riders: Understanding how new food and drink delivery models are gobbling up the market

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Publication date: 01/07/2019
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In their demand for a new type of food delivery service, customers have made it clear they want restaurant quality meals to come to them. Industry has obliged, and the knock-on effect has been the rise of no-frills cooking spaces that cater for online delivery and the ever-growing market for meal kits.

Companies like Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats, have changed the concept of food-to-go forever. Before these disrupters came along, a stroll to the local chip shop, Indian or Chinese restaurant, was how we got our takeaway fix. Forget kitchen drawers overflowing with menus. Consumers can see all the local grub options on Just Eat, Deliveroo, or Uber Eats.

Hungry smartphone users are signing up apace, attracted to the convenience of choosing their food and paying for it all in one place.

By answering consumer calls for more convenience, the food service delivery industry is now run by big data, easy to use apps, and a fleet of drivers on two and four wheels.

This has presented challenges but also opportunities.

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