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Upcycling food waste equals unlimited food and drink business possibilities for Scotland

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Publication date: 07/06/2019
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Beer grain and other food waste is being recycled by food manufacturers to make everything from granola bars to biscuits and bread. There’s so much opportunity in the recycling of food and drink by-products for innovative food and drink companies.

Spent grain, the main waste product of the beer brewing process, accounts for 85% of all beer by-products produced.

Daily, millions of tonnes of spent grain either go to waste, or are repurposed as animal feed, compost, or fuel. In the US, 42 million tonnes of spent grain are produced every year by its domestic beer industry.

Now, American food and drink entrepreneurs are reimagining the use for this beer waste and coming up with a multitude of value-added products. What can Scotland learn from these early grain recycling pioneers, and those in the UK who have followed suit?

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