Appetite for Angus

Appetite for Angus

Appetite for Angus (A4A) was formed in early 2020 following an industry meeting in January that year. Angus local food and drink businesses were looking for a consistent marketing approach that raised the profile and added value for all Angus producers. Businesses wanted to create opportunities to build relationships and learn from each other. To do this, they recognised that they needed to collaborate and access funding. From the January meeting a Steering Group was formed with the objective of progressing the establishment of the regional food group, Appetite for Angus.

As yet, the group does not have members but supports all types of food & drink businesses that are part of the story of Angus food & drink.

Funding and governance model

Appetite for Angus has been working under the remit of Angus Tourism Co-Operative Ltd (ATC), using a steering group made up of volunteers who stepped forward in January 2020 following the industry meeting.  The group is largely self-governing, with reporting to ATC Board through Directors involved with the steering group.  In the first 18 months the group received funding from Scotland Food & Drink through the Regional Food Fund programme, Scottish Government through the Covid 19 fund, and Angus Council who match funded part of the regional food fund money.

The group has secured funding from Scotland Food & Drink and Angus Council to enable them to commission a part- time coordinator.  They also secured funding from Angus Tourism Cooperative and the Scottish Government local recovery fund.  Activities have been developed and delivered by the volunteers and coordinator who make up the Steering group and who meet monthly. 


The Appetite for Angus website hosts a directory of local producers, retailers, restaurants, cafes & takeaways.  Food and drink from Angus has also been successfully profiled on a number of social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

The group has delivered the Angus Council sponsored Tay Cities Expo for the last two years, providing the opportunity for businesses to showcase their products to buyers from a range of outlets including wholesale businesses.  One of the groups most successful activities has been their online night markets.  A simple yet effective way of promoting and selling direct to the consumer.  In response to industry requests a bespoke series of ‘Get Togethers’ has been delivered, bringing together small groups of businesses to network around a specific subject, develop new skills and make new connections.  This was facilitated by SAC Consulting, one of the steering group members.

Through the Tay Cities food and drink group Appetite for Angus is able to network, share ideas and develop & deliver Tay Cities focused activities.

Lessons & Conclusions

  • Keeping producers ‘up-front and central’ is critical to representing the sector
  • Leadership and clear objectives and goals are important, especially in the early years
  • Clear remits and roles for all involved are also critical
  • Maximising the use of contacts and networks is important when the budget it limited
  • Creating a range of activities that offer value to businesses is important to ensure engagement
  • Taking time for a ‘cold towel moment’ to review what has been delivered, how it has been delivered and what, if anything, needs to change.