Market development

Your key to unlocking new markets and planning for growth.

Building your customers (and suppliers) locally, nationally and internationally helps your business twice over:

  • It’s your route to profitable and sustainable growth
  • It helps improve your risk management and resilience

We have a full programme of support to help you access different markets at home and abroad, develop your ability to sell to them, and gain accreditation, with options for businesses of all sizes.

Did you know?

Half (49%) of Scottish shoppers say they would be willing to pay more for Scottish produce, with a quarter (26%) of UK shoppers also willing to pay more.

Whether you’re a producer, retailer, wholesaler or in foodservice, our market development team supports you to benefit from the appetite for our produce.

Access new opportunities

Our market development team can help your business access new routes to both retail and foodservice markets, opening doors to buyers and facilitating new sales opportunities.

Grow your regional business

During the Covid-19 lockdown, many consumers started buying more local produce. Which means that now – more than ever – could be a great time for your business to tap into regional markets.

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Grow your UK market

The UK offers fantastic opportunities for Scottish food and drink businesses, with currency, language and logistics all working in your favour.

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Grow your exports

Exporting is a proven way to grow your business and manage risk, and no business is too small or too new to consider it.

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Webinars and skills workshops

Through our capability and skills programmes, you can build essential skills to grow sales, accelerate growth and build resilience. You’ll also get insights into best practice and make valuable connections.

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We can give your business a competitive edge.